Today we celebrate as the EU makes this historic decision!

No Animal Testing!

No Animal Testing!

Animal testing for cosmetic purposes had been partially banned before: In 2004 the ban on using animals to test finished COSMETIC PRODUCTS in the EU came into force, and in 2009 the ban on using animals to test INGREDIENTS FOR COSMETICS in the EU came into force.

However, as of today, the sale within the EU of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals OUTSIDE the EU (i.e.  elsewhere in the world) will also be banned! Hooray!

What the EU ban on the import and sale of animal tested cosmetics will mean in practice?

“After 11th March, no company can carry out new animal tests for cosmetics purposes outside of the EU for products to be sold in the EU. Cosmetics companies can, however, continue to sell in the EU products with ingredients that have been animal tested in the past.

If a product has ingredients which have been animal tested after the ban comes into effect, a company will not be able to market this in Europe, even if it sells the same product in other global markets.

Companies (even if they are based in the EU) will still be able to sell products with animal tested ingredients outside of the EU, assuming that the animal testing was done somewhere else in the world. This opens up the theoretical possibility of a company conducting animal tests for ingredients in some markets but using non animal methods and existing data for the EU Market. Aside from the animal welfare implications, this would obviously increase costs and effort for companies so we hope that the more likely impact is that global companies put an increasing emphasis on non-animal tests for all of their markets.

Over 80% of the world still allows animal testing for cosmetics and some countries, notably China, require imported products to be tested on animals before they reach the market. The impact of the EU ban for global companies makes change in other markets much more likely. Cruelty Free International is now building on success achieved in the EU to call on all Governments to end animal testing for cosmetics which will give a level playing field to all companies” (Source BUAV – 11 March 2013).

Photo courtesy of the European Commission

Photo courtesy of the European Commission

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